Aree tecnologiche 2015


Infrastructures for a smart mobility
 Public Transports: Innovation & Services


Road & Vehicle Safety
 In-vehicle Infotainment & Digital Media
Infrastructures and technologies for parking
Telematics insurance
– Drones
– Energy: storage & recharge

 Smart GIS and Open Data
– Digital out of Home
– Smart Cloud and Big Data
– Wireless Sensor Networks
– Cybersecurity for critical infrastructures
 Green Data Center
– Land Observing & Monitoring
– Smart Security & Video
– Wireless & Satellite connectivity
– Expo 2015 and beyond
– Fund raising & financing

 On Board Telematics & Car Sensors
 Telematics Services & Location Based Systems
 AVL/AVM & Fleet Management
 RFID & Asset Tracking
 GNSS (GPS, Galileo, Glonass)
 Smart and Electronic Ticketing & Payment
 Emergency and Safety
 Parking Solution and Systems
 Traffic Management & ZTL access

 Electric-powered mobility charging systems and technologies
 Auto on the net projects, technologies and interconnection systems
 Autopilot devices projects, systems and applications
 Driving components and systems: steering and braking
 Navigation aid systems
 On board control systems for engine performances, brakes, consumptions, tire pressure
 Energetic efficiency solutions
 Green Cars telematics systems
 City logistics projects‘ solutions and systems
 Structural materials for shell construction
 Non-structural materials for interiors (low impact and fireproof)
 Signal and illumination systems (front lamp), such as low energy consumption adaptive illumination systems
 Technologies and systems for wheel turning
 Products and technologies for surface covers (such as paint) and aerodynamic solutions