Founded in 1995, AziendaBanca is a monthly trade magazine for the financial sector. It covers strategies, technologies and innovation in the banking and financial industries.

The network of websites (, and, offers a range of services to professionals (engineers, architects and surveyors) and companies operating in similar sectors.
Among the services we can remember: internet visibility, information services, training opportunities, media partnerships with events, development and maintenance of websites, conventions for members.

Since 2001, Clickmobility has been involved in mobility and passenger transport, providing daily specialized information to industry professionals. The website has always aimed to highlight the issues of sustainable mobility, the growth of system competitiveness and innovation of processes and relationships between operators.

Reference for Fleet Managers, it is a magazine conceived to give answers to the questions from professionals, fleet managers both on their own and as third parties, purchasing managers, logistic operators, insurance companies and rental operators, short-term and long-term. It is also a useful tool for the end-user. It contains practical information also for those who rent cars for business.
Each issue includes fiscal insurance and legal issues, business cars prices, vehicle tests, report from long-term rental world. Continuous updates on website and social networks.

It is the most authoritative Italian magazine dedicated to transport infrastructures. Founded in 1898, it is information tool of the main Institutions and industry trade associations. Its high-quality offer is guaranteed by the cooperation of industry professionals. Its specialized editorial staff ensures technical in-depth analyses and timely information. Among contents are articles dealing with the entire infrastructures world, technical-informative dossiers dedicated to Tunnels and Bridges as well as special Italian/English dossiers related to international events.

Nonsoloambiente (NSA) in an online magazine dedicated to sustainability; in the Italian green community NSA is a landmark about corporate social responsibility, climate and environment, renewable energies and circular economy. Nonsoloambiente shares news and editorials with its readers everyday focusing on case histories of truly sustainable companies too. is the first Italian website entirely dedicated to parking. Founded in 1999, it is subdivided into three sections: one contains news about the parking industry in Italy and abroad, one is dedicated to parking professionals, one is a useful search engine that allows you to fix “parking stress”. Visitors can enter their destination address to have immediate information about the nearest private parking, carefully selected among the best.

It is the first “media bouquet” purely dedicated to the bus world: mini, coaches and city buses, domestic and foreign. It is able to address and meet the information needs of drivers as well as of small and big transport companies. Each issue includes drive tests, reports, previews of new models, market analyses and industry news, interviews to industry players, the latest news from people transport world, second-hand product prices. Continuous updates on website and social networks.

Revolve is a communications agency fostering cultures of sustainability. Revolve publishes a quarterly international magazine, runs a digital platform connecting water and energy, and organizes large exhibitions. Other Revolve services include special country and industry reports, infographics, videos, branding, graphic design, and strategic consulting., together for the Business Transformation. is a website focused on IT and digital transformation: daily updates with news, interviews, insights and analysis on the IT market, vendors’ strategies and technological scenarios. And then whitepapers and documents for CIOs, IT decision makers and IT managers of large companies.

Since 2004 Mobility Lab has represented a privileged information channel in order to inform experts in the field of transport and in the sustainable mobility sector.
The magazine configured right away as an influential tool to address opinion leader in the sector.
Smart City & Mobility Lab was born from this experience, the smart magazine, useable free of charge and in digital form. Immediate and easily accessible, the bi-monthly offers deepening of the smart city’s evolution and about transport and mobility.

Start Magazine is the daily web magazine dedicated to technological innovation and economic growth. Start Magazine propose news, analysis, focus, and data journalis contents to better understand the most innovative economic sectors.
Start Magazine is a project from Innovative Publishing srl, a communications company that have a challenging target: become a strategic ally for Italian companies and institutions involved in innovation and growth.

StartUp Magazine wants to create a new, positive, daily voice that could describe the world of work, business, young and old succesfull enterprices, little startup and big companies.
Our main focus is on giving to our readers a concrete source of inspiration for improving their business, changing their jobs or creating new opportunities based on great ideas.

TECN’È is a monthly magazine that speaks to the manufacturing industry, with a mission to promote the quality and technological excellence of strategic domains for the economy of Italy.
Strong specialization in different disciplines (automation, machining, IT, mechatronics, engineering…), combined with a focus on innovation topics, are the distinctive features of TECN’È, technology, machinery and systems for a changing world.

Weekly appointment dealing with the transport and logistic world. It delivers news in a quick and professional way along with interviews to several industry experts. TG Trasporti is on air every Monday at 6.55am and six repeats are transmitted during the whole day on Reteconomy, the sole Italian TV channel dedicated to economy. TG Trasporti is on air in the “News” area of SKY Nr. 512 – live streaming – on demand youTube

Todo è il supplemento online del mensile AziendaBanca dedicato al mondo consumer. Su Todo si parla della vita del consumatore digitale e di tutto quello che può passare da uno smartphone: nuove applicazioni, siti di e-commerce, nuovi strumenti hardware, carte di pagamento prepagate e di credito, viaggi in nuove destinazioni, servizi di consegna a domicilio. Inoltre vengono raccontate e commentate tutta una serie di innovazioni, notizie e curiosità.

Transport is a unique and specialised TV format designed, developed and coordinated nationally by Telenord. Its objective to spread the word about what is happening in the transport sector, to connect institutional initiatives from the central government with the issues and needs of a large and diverse market.

Monthly technical magazine dedicated to goods transportation in Italy and worldwide. Transports industry and related issues are dealt with in a journalistic and modern way. Current news and information – prompt and immediate thanks to its website and social networks – are proposed together with reports and leisure topics, which makes reading easy and appealing. Each issue includes truck and van product novelties as well as drive tests. is an online information portal dedicated to businesses and the territory.
In we are talking about innovation, research, innovative startups, smartcities.